Open Meeting | Tuesday, 19th Oct 2021

Open Meeting by Zoom – The Chernobyl Children’s Project

Speaker: Helen Marcus

Start time: 10.30

The Chernobyl Children’s Project was launched in the UK on January 20th 1995 by the Lord Mayor of Manchester. with Linda Walker as Executive Director

In the Spring of 1995  the first ambulance was taken out to Belarus and in July 1995 the project brought our first group of 38 children to the UK for a holiday where 4 weeks away from the contamination would help build their immune systems and make them less vulnerable to developing cancers in their teenage years.

I started hosting Chernobyl Children every Summer in 1999 when I realised the damage being wreaked on Belarus and its population, especially the  children, by the fall out from the explosion of the nuclear reactor at the Chernobyl power station in the Ukraine in

My children, then aged 8 and 12 were very keen to host 2 children in our own home every Summer to help improve their health and life expectancy.

As a family we have loved hosting 2 children in our own home for 2 weeks every Summer for 20 years and continuing to support the 2nd group of English host families when they took over for the 2nd 2 weeks. I have been a Co-ordinator of the Cheltenham and Gloucester group since 2003.

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