This group meets once a month on the second Wednesday. We have a break in July and August. At 11 members, the group is fully subscribed so there is unfortunately no space for newcomers just now.

Group members – art enthusiasts with an interest in American culture but by no means expert – take it in turns to prepare a presentation on a particular topic, say Edward Hopper or Richard Serra. This usually involves looking at the art on screen by making use of a digital projector and the ready availability of images via the internet. We also use books, CDs about particular artists and press reviews to help stimulate our thinking. The principal objective from my point of view is to encourage members in the process of researching a topic and to try to ensure we all enjoy having a fruitful discussion about the issues raised, as we go along.

The chemistry of the group is very positive, and there is no shortage of ideas that surface as we strive to develop felt and well-argued responses to the art we are considering. Prejudices about art are commonplace, and my hope is that, over time, we are able to challenge some of these in ourselves, extending our critical vocabulary and perspectives so that we learn to ask good questions and reflect more thoughtfully before condemning something we don’t properly understand. Some of the art we look at is very challenging indeed, but we do give it our best and often find things to like and admire where perhaps we never thought we would”.

It is all never less than interesting, to say the least, and there is always plenty of good gossip and news to share during our refreshment break half-way through the morning.

Duncan Reid, Group Leader

Meeting Details

Wednesday a.m.

2nd Wed 10:00 - 12:00