Our “Birding Group” is continuing to flourish and thrive, with numbers of members varying quite a lot. We would welcome NEW members – no limit to numbers, really…

We’re trying now to choose different venues from those we’ve visited before. The main change now is that we meet at 10:30 a.m. at the chosen venue and NOT at Waitrose first for any car-sharing. This doesn’t seem to be needed as things are at the moment!

As we’re very much an OUTDOORS group, numbers can vary a lot & we already have an “unwritten” agreement between us all that it’s very much “weather permitting” – if it’s pouring, torrential, rain & obviously much too WET, then we don’t meet!

You only need to be quite mobile, (we walk around at a very leisurely pace!), with appropriate foot gear, & maybe binoculars & a Birding identification handbook – non-essential really, as we try to share our knowledge of any “sightings”!

The September and October venues, dates and times can be found, in this newsletter, under the ‘Groups Notice Board’.

Anyone needing car-sharing, or more information re. the venue, please contact me.

Caroline Mann

Meeting Details

Wednesday a.m.

2nd Wed 10:30
Vacancies: Many