Location: Salisbury Roon, St Matthews

The Group has met for about two years now, and formed a close camaraderie. Creative Colouring and Mandalas is an entirely relaxing and self-absorbing process, which can while away the hours whilst acting as a first class stress reliever and a place away from the day-to-day. The possibilities are endless, for contrasting the light against dark, bringing forward some area of art and pushing others back to give depth, adding sparkle, or another layer, with subtle or even violent contrasts – or any other device that can be imagined!
Every few meetings we have a ‘craft’ session to expand ideas and materials that can be introduced.
Be warned that you will run out of wall space at home if you take this up!

CONTACT: This Group has no email address: You can send a message of contact through the Groups Coordinator, who will forward it to the Leader.
You will need to include your phone number in your message as the Leader has no email!

Meeting Details

Wednesday a.m.

1st and 3rd Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00