Interested in drama? Would you like to perform in front of an audience?

Let me help you to deliver the goods by sharing with you 8 simple steps to becoming an actor.  These are techniques I have honed over three decades of teaching drama to both adults and children and through experience of either acting in or directing twenty shows at The Cheltenham Playhouse.

I can help you gently leave your comfort zone, feeling safe to go beyond your limitations, and into a space where you can learn and perform with the necessary skills.

I will use an eclectic approach to teach you the physical and mental skills that will make you an entertainer. Group sessions will encompass a melange of techniques – breath work, guided relaxation, diction skills, vocal exercises and attention to posture.  We will work on exciting monologues of your choosing and prepare ourselves for a public performance, although that will not be compulsory.

I will help you get in touch with a text so that you turn the words into something which paints a picture in the audience’s mind.

If you believe that you cannot be assertive and stand up for yourself vocally, I will help you find your voice and give you the confidence to use it.

We will consider all the characteristics of good speakers and actors so that over our sessions together you will obtain a profound understanding of how to utilise and apply these techniques in practical ways. I look forward to working with you.

Anyone who would like to join this interesting group please contact me at [email protected].

Meeting Details

Tuesday p.m.

First Tuesday 13:30 - 15:30pm
Playhouse Theatre - Bath Rd