How it Works Visits Group

Do you often wonder how the things you consume, or use are made? Or do you wonder how some of the organisations in our county operate?

This proposed new group is based on a previous group which arranged visits and outings to see how things are made or how local organisations work. Previous trips included a trip to the BMW Mini plant in Cowley, Spirax Sarco in Cheltenham, Gloucester Cathedral Crypt and Tower, Water treatment plant in Hayden Lane and many others.

It sounds as though a revival of this group might be quite popular and future visits might also include the Police HQ at Waterwells, Walls Ice Cream at Gloucester, Amazon Warehouse, Lucozade/Ribena factory at Coleford or Gloucestershire Airport. Or more artisan activities like cider or cheese making.

If you like program’s like BBC2’s “Inside the Factory” or are interested to know what makes local organisations tick or how products in your kitchen are made this may be the Group for you.

It is proposed to have an initial meeting on Zoom in January 2022 to discuss forming the Group and how it might operate with a view to arranging first visits in spring 2022. If you are interested in joining or have any ideas or comments please contact me on this email address. [email protected]

Even if you are already a member of another group, please come and help this embryonic new group get off the ground.

To participate you must be a fully paid-up member of Cheltenham U3A.


Nigel Knowlman

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