After some eleven years and many, many happy meetings puzzling our way through all of the Cambridge Latin Course, moving on to Reading Latin, a course aimed at university students, I would like to thank the very special people who laughed and worked and drank coffee and tea with me. You have been a wonderful bunch of, dare I say, oldies!

But, time passes and the time came to hand over the responsibilities of preparation and decision making to someone else, and that is when Darryl Whitehead came to the rescue.

Thank you, Darryl, for your willingness to be ‘the responsible person’, allowing the group to continue. We know that you will inspire us to getting better and better at understanding not only the words but also the context in which they were written.

Maximas gratias  vobis omnibus ago!

Groups Leader Darryl Whitehead

Meeting Details

Monday a.m.

1st Monday 10:15am
Vacancies: 0