Military History Group

This new group is based on the experience of the Group Leader as a member of a successful Military History group in another city. When fully up and running, it is intended to publish, at the beginning of each year, a program of ten monthly talks to cover September to July.

Although at first it may depend on invited outside speakers, experience shows that group members often have life experience or interests that make for an interesting talk. Not everyone is comfortable with public speaking so there is no pressure whatsoever to contribute other than your attendance!

The subject matter is up to the volunteer speaker within the broad spectrum of military history but experience shows that most are located in the 20th Century. (One exception was Hannibal and his elephants over the Alps!)

The meetings will be held on the last Thursday of each month starting on the 28th October 2021 in the Mews room of St Andrews Church Montpellier St GL50 1SP for approximately two hours starting at 10am. This is a very central location near to the Queen’s Hotel, Imperial Gardens and Cheltenham Ladies College.

To participate you must be a fully paid up member of Cheltenham U3A. Send your request by email to [email protected] listing your full name, address, home and mobile telephone numbers, U3A Membership number and an emergency telephone number.

Even if you are already a member of another group, please come and help this embryo new group get off the ground.

Anthony Hanwell Group Leader (designate)

Meeting Details

Thursday a.m.

Last Thursday of Month 10:00 - 12:00