Up until now we have met in the house of one or other of the members, but the group has grown in numbers and this is now impossible. We have found a new venue, the Unitarian Church, Royal Well Lane, Cheltenham, GL50 3DS. This is behind the auctioneers next to the Bus Station. This venue has plenty of space, excellent hi-fi equipment and tea and coffee making facilities. The only change in the way the Group works will be that we will have to pay for the use of the room; the estimate is that this will cost the members £2.50 per meeting. Now that we have plenty of space, please come and join us!

One of the members presents a programme of about an hour and a half, with a tea break, and we discuss the music we have heard. It is by no means compulsory for any member to make a presentation. We mostly listen to so-called classical music, but from time to time we have listened to other sorts of music

Peter Young

Meeting Details

Thursday p.m.

2nd Thursday 14:00