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April 15, 2020

Third Age Trust (TAT) Newsletter

The April 2020 TAT Newsletter can be found by HERE

Contact: Maggie Conu

March 11, 2020

News on Current and New Groups

1. History of Art – this group is currently in abeyance and the situation will be reassessed in June.
2. The Out for Lunch Group is full.
We are looking for someone to co-ordinate a second group. Advice will be given to anyone who would like to do this.
If you are interested please contact Janet Ropner

1. Latin for Beginners
Would anybody interested in joining this group please contact Janet Ropner
2. Investment Group
We are looking for anyone interested in joining this group.
People with both financial and legal backgrounds would be particularly welcome.
The group would set its own rules for membership but published guidelines are available. If you are interested please contact Janet Ropner

Contact: Janet Ropner

January 09, 2020

New Groups

To express interest, or for further details of the following groups, please contact Janet Ropner


This will be a group for anyone interested in practising, discovering and performing magic from beginner to grand master levels.  Anyone wishing to join the group should have at least some rudimentary conjuring skills, perhaps having performed card tricks for grandchildren or something similar…and, of course, experienced magicians are very welcome.


This group is not for beginners but for people who have played or perhaps performed in the past. The group leader is a reasonably competent guitarist who would love to meet people who play a range of instruments – perhaps fiddle, mandolin, cello, banjo, flute, bass (standup or electric), saxophone, clarinet, accordion, percussion etc. It is understood that there are other musical groups already in Cheltenham U3A, but this would be more oriented to folk, blues and roots music rather than pop/rock or jazz/swing.  Please get in touch if you are interested in getting together to see what happens.


Croquet is a very enjoyable game that can easily be learnt and played, both socially and competitively, by people of every age.

Cheltenham Croquet Club (CCC) has approved a proposal to host a U3A Croquet Group and will set aside two lawns on two Wednesdays each month during the main croquet season in the morning session (between 10.00 and 12.00). The 2020 season will commence on or about the 22nd of March and end on the last day of September. The Club will provide the mallets and balls that are needed. In normal croquet play, a lawn may be used for two games of four players each so the maximum capacity will be 16 players on the two lawns.

The CCC Committee have agreed to a reduced fee of £5 per person for the U3A Croquet Group, to be collected at each session. Members of the Group may use the Club tearooms, if they wish, and the charge for tea and coffee will be as for CCC members.

Group members will be helped to play one form of the game, Golf Croquet, which is relatively easy to learn and will be given instruction in the rules of the game, how to hit the ball and what tactics might be used in a given situation.

Contact: Janet Ropner