Would you enjoy playing the greatest and most challenging card game in the world?

Also bridge is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and for some enter the world of competitive bridge by joining a local bridge club.

Beginners Bridge is an introduction to the card game over a period of eight to ten weeks. Each session will be about one and a half hours long. Places are limited and preference will be given to those who can attend all eight sessions as each week will build on previous weeks.

Although bridge is a partner game , individuals are welcome as the group will learn together and be encouraged to play with different partners over the course of the sessions.

The group will start by learning and using the most common Bridge language – the Acol bidding system.

However , at this early stage I think card playing is more important than bridge play.  Consequently we shall be playing bridge using a short form to get the group playing cards from week one! It will also help participants decide if it is for them!

Meeting Details

Unfortunately until the pandemic is much reduced I will not be able to offer a start up group. Bridge is a close proximity activity – four people sat within a metre of each other and involves handling cards that have been touched by others. Therefore transmission is highly likely whilst the pandemic continues to thrive in the community. I hope to review the situation at the start of next year when we may be more confident about the disease prevalence.

If you are interested in joining the next start up group please visit this site for more news when we start again in early 2022.

Meeting Details

Wednesday a.m.

Staring in the new year (2022)