We are a jolly and supportive group of people who take pictures using cameras with interchangeable lenses. We learn a lot from each other and are not competitive. A year in advance a monthly theme with topics chosen by all the members is set. We meet, on the first Wednesday of the month, to show about five or six images each on a TV screen. Discussions hinge on appreciation, aperture and shutter speed and lenses and composition and things like that. Unfortunately the group is full and there is a real need for a second group to be started as the waiting list keeps on growing. If you are interested to convene a new group and would like to join us for a taster session please contact Leoné Meyer through the website. We have been meeting on Zoom for the last year and a bit and will continue until Covid settles down.

Meeting Details

Wednesday a.m.

1st or 2nd Wednesday 10:15am
Centrla Cheltenham - private house