The yoga group meets weekly on a Wednesday afternoon at Uckington village hall. (The hall has it’s own car park with plenty of space). We start at 2.30pm, with members arriving from 2.15pm. Members need to bring their own mat, blanket, and any other props that we may use. (ie yoga blocks/bricks). There are chairs in the hall for those who need them. The group is currently full, but there is a short waiting list and members on the waiting list are rotated into the group when anyone is away, so although you will not get to come weekly if you are on the waiting list it is likely that you will get to come three or four times a term. We are a very friendly group and many of the members have been in this group since it’s inception in 2017, many joining as beginners to yoga. The style of yoga taught is Hatha Yoga, in the style of Desikhachar (which used to be known as Viniyoga). If you have never practiced yoga before this will probably mean nothing to you and in fact the members coming to the group will also not be able to tell you this! Practically speaking it means that we practice postures fairly slowly, with plenty time to get to know what you are doing, and I can help with modifications where necessary to get the most benefit from your practice safely. For example if you need to use a chair for any of the postures then I will suggest it for you. The class is of mixed abilities, and everyone is able to work at their own comfortable pace. The class starts with yoga postures, followed by a long guided relaxation (the reason why most are there of course…) and occasionally finish with pranayama (breathing practice). Yoga background of the group leader (Tula): I had come late in life to yoga. After a couple of years to learn more I joined a foundation course with the British Wheel of Yoga, particularly as it helped my husband with his back problem!) I was just talking enthusiastically about it when some of the table tennis group suggested I start a yoga group…. So although I hadn’t intended to teach, I ended up following the foundation course immediately with the British Wheel of Yoga teacher training, and have been teaching since then. I still have a strong interest in exploring all aspects of yoga and continue to study after completing the British Wheel of yoga teacher training certificate a couple of years ago and I enjoy sharing what I learn. Some of the courses I have completed, and some still ongoing are: • The art of Individual teaching – a course on how to teach 1-2-1 yoga, adapting the practice to the person and their needs whatever they may be – injury, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, etc, or just wanting to be given a practice to develop and progress a daily routine. • Yoga and the neuroscience connection – a course to learn about the different parts of the brain, the nervous system, and how the different yoga practices can effect them. • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – a study of this important text on yoga. We look at the Sanskrit text and the various translations and commentaries of the time. This course is one chapter per year, with half a day of lectures every three weeks…. I am currently half way through chapter two!! 


Meeting Details

Wednesday p.m.

Wednesdays 2:30 - 4:00pm
Village Hall, Uckington GL51 9SR
Vacancies: 0