The group has a programme of monthly visits to churches with a historical, architectural or artistic interest. Each are led by a member of the group, and usually guided by a member of the church, or the member who has researched the church. Visits take place during the summer months April to October.
The group meets on the second Thursday of the month.
Outings by coach to visit cathedrals and other places of interest are organised each year in the summer. Holidays have been held once a year to York, Norwich, and this year (2022) to Canterbury.
Talks by invited speakers, or members, are held at Sacred Hearts Hall, Charlton Kings during the winter months. Topics this year have included “Funerary monuments of Gloucestershire”, “The stained glass legacy of Coventry Cathedral”, “Monmouthshire’s medieval churches,” “The christianisation of Gloucestershire and foundation of the Anglo-Saxon minsters”, “The architecture of Somerset churches”.

Meeting Details

Thursday p.m.

2nd Thursday 14:00