The Science and Technology Group meets monthly.  Its purpose is to enable us to explore shared interests in science and technology.  Each meeting features a talk, usually by a member of the group, on a subject they are interested in or have worked on.  Some talks draw on personal experience, others are the result of personal research to support a presentation. Occasionally we invite an external speaker. The talks always trigger lively discussion.  Our aim is to entertain as well as to inform and learn.

Our meetings cover a wide range of subjects; over the years our talks have included most fields of science and many aspects of engineering and technology.

Many of our members have science or technology backgrounds, but some do not.  We welcome anyone with an interest in these subjects who is willing to be an active participant.

To find out more look at our website. It gives the future programme and lists the many different subjects we have covered during the past 12 years.

Meeting Details

Friday a.m.

2nd Friday 10:00am
Charlton Kings - private house