In the Cheltenham area we are lucky to have not only wonderful scenery but also good footpaths, and in the walking group we aim to take advantage of these. We walk two Saturdays mornings every month except December, provided it is not too wet. Our walks are always less than an hour’s drive from Cheltenham, and are about 4 to 5 miles. We try to vary the terrain to suit differing needs. We never rush, but there is always the incentive to complete the walk in time for a pub lunch.

Our walks are very popular, and we normally have to set a limit to the number of walkers. However, we don’t have a fixed membership: you are free to come only on occasional walks or on every one. Whether you want to walk to keep fit, to admire the scenery, or to enjoy the companionship you will be welcome to join us. If you can offer to lead walks, so much the better.

Meeting Details

Saturday a.m.

Twice Monthly Saturday 10:00am
Various locations