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Third Age Trust – Fit for Purpose


The Third Age Trust (TAT) has been working for some time on improving arrangements for two way communication between u3as and TAT administration in the operation of the Trust.

Essentially the plan is to change the Trust’s structure of central governance by setting up a Council, composed of elected representatives from the regions/nations, (2 from each), and a total of 3 from the networks. The Council would take over some of the activities and responsibilities, currently vested in the Board, which in future would be responsible for overall oversight of the Trust’s operations and would focus mainly on compliance with charity and corporate law.

These are only proposals at the present, and the Board will not carry them forward without the support of the membership across the movement. Consequently the Board is seeking the views/comments/suggestions of members before proceeding further.

Details of the proposals and arrangements for submitting comments/suggestions are set out in a presentation, which can be accessed at :